Executive Car Service Vs. Black Car Service

What’s the difference between a Black Car Service and an Executive Car Service?  I cannot tell you how long we used these two terms interchangeably.  After many years in the limousine and executive car service industry, we can tell you there is a tremendous difference.  But aren’t both vehicles black and aren’t they usually Lincoln town cars?  The answer is yes, both vehicles share the same make and color but still, the differences are startling.




An Executive car service is something that is very regulated by either a company or a corporation.  In an executive car service company, all the vehicles are owned and insured by the company and all drivers work for that company.  This allows said company to exercise control over it’s employees, it’s vehicles and it’s services. 

This is really the major difference.  An executive car service will have new cars; they will be clean and properly maintained both ascetically and mechanically.  Their chauffeurs (chauffeurs not drivers) will be properly and uniformly attired, usually in a black suit or tuxedo.  Dispatch and reservations will be consistent, organized, and professional.  This is how a true executive car service is typically operated.

Now a black car service on the other hand is a completely different animal. Most black car companies don’t own anything except for a few phone lines, all of their work is subcontracted to independent drivers who own and operate their own vehicles. The vehicles these gentlemen drive are not regulated nor checked for compliance or proper insurance, they dress however they like, and they do whatever jobs they choose. The call center for the black car company will call ten of these guys and let them bid on who will do the job for the cheapest. Sounds decent for the company and not too bad for the driver’s but imagine the poor customer who is getting picked up by god knows who in gods knows what for the cheapest price possible. That is how a black car service is operated.

So there are major differences between a black car service and an executive car service despite the fact that both companies use black Lincoln town cars. A black car service is closer to a taxicab service then it is to an executive car service. The black cars are usually cheaper but you get what you pay for. An executive car service is what most people imagine it should be, a high-end car service operated by trained and experienced professionals operating the newest equipment loaded with the latest technologies and amenities.